Leather Cleaning


Are you looking for a leather cleaning service that brings real results?

Leather Repairs Bristol are able to offer an exceptional leather furniture and car seat cleaning service. If the days of your leather upholstery looking fantastic are long gone, why not get in touch today to allow us to work our magic? You’ll be amazed at the results that we can achieve, even if your furniture is looking extremely worn out or is scuffed and marked.

We are here to help you to restore your leather to its former glory at a great price. We have built up a vast network of customers in and around Bristol over the years due to the results that we can offer. Our technicians have years of experience when it comes to restoring and cleaning leather, so if you want your furniture to shine again, call us today.

leather-repair-servciThere are many reasons why leather may lose its allure. Everything from body oils to dust can compromise its appearance, but it’s always wise to call on the professionals if you’re looking to achieve real results. Our products are completely safe yet extremely powerful. Our technicians have various techniques up their sleeves to bring all types of leather back to their best, making it look, feel and even smell great all over again.

Our expertise allows us to quickly identify which type of leather we are working with and opt for the most effective treatment.

We can also refinish your leather to reinforce it. As we are a mobile service, you won’t have to wait whilst your upholstery is taken away. We can arrive at your home and get working right away, without causing disruption or making a mess. Don’t just give up on your old leather, let us help with your sofas, chairs or car seats. Why not take a look at some of the results we have achieved at www.leatherrepairsbristol.co.uk?

We can also repair your furniture as well as cleaning it, so even if it has experienced dog bites or has holes in it for any other reason, we can help. Our customers choose us time and time again over the local competition due to the quality of our work. With us, you can expect not only great quality but exceptional value too.

Our work is insurance approved and guaranteed so why not call today if you’re looking for leather cleaning in Bristol?