T & C

Guarantee period

  • The fixed price repair is guaranteed to cover the initial fault for 30 days from the date the repair is completed. Unless otherwise stated or listed in our exclusions. This can be found in our terms and conditions.
  • This covers workmanship related faults only. It excludes body perspiration and customer related damages.
  • Make good repairs as just that make good. These come with no warranty.
  • If your repair fails with the same fault as detailed in your initial repair. We will arrange to send the original service provider back to you. This at a mutually convenient time at no extra cost. In the event of the fault re-occurring during the guarantee period please call our Customer Services Department.
  • We do not offer any guarantee on your own parts you wish us to fit. Neither do we on current parts already located on your furniture.
  • If we have arranged for an engineer to re-visit but you subsequently wish to cancel; you may do so up to 13:00 on the day before the agreed call out date. However if you wish to cancel after this time or during the repair; you will be charged a call out / administration fee of £55.00.

Guarantee period

  • This guarantee does not cover any subsequent unrelated breakdown / fault(s) to the repair. If you request an engineer re-visit and an alternative fault is found and you wish to continue with the repair; you will be given the option to purchase an additional repair at the original rate. You will be charged a call out / administration fee of £55.00.
  • Unless otherwise previously stated parts are covered under our 30 day guarantee period. Ie, if you are advised your seat interiors are faulty or require replacing this will cancel out your guarantee period. We do not offer a guarantee period on re tensioned springs; these are your springs and not ours.
  • The guarantee becomes invalid if the furniture / Car interior is not used and maintained. This in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
  • Leather repairs and colour restorations need to be left for 72 hours for the repair products to fully cure. Failure to adhere to the correct drying times may result in your repairs failing.
Once your repair or restoration has been completed it is important to look after the repaired areas. Next the sealants and dyes will continue to bond and cure over time. Under no circumstances should the area be cleaned with any cleaning or leather cleaning products. This for a minimum of three months. After the three month period you should apply a leather protection cream to this area. However any type of cleaning or wiping within this period may result in the dye being removed. It is not covered under any warranty.


The below items are excluded from any warranty of any repair. We do not offer warranties on repairs of the below there are no exceptions. Pvc; Bonded Leather; Bycast Leather; Previously Repaired areas. Body Perspiration; Make Good Repairs; Cleaning and renovation of leather furniture or leather car seats are excluded from any warranty of any type. It is for us to put the leather goods back into a usable condition. It is for you to maintain these to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When the renovation is completed the goods are to be inspected. This prior to the technician leaving your home or work premises. Therefore we do not offer a free re visit for any missed areas. Similarly we do not offer a free re visit for any areas you have not noticed on your inspection. Our prices are quoted for a one time visit. Complaint Procedure • Finally if you have a complaint regarding your fixed price repair; then please email us with a brief description of your grievance. As soon as we recurve the complaint we will respond within 7 to 14 working days. Lastly please make sure you have read through the remainder of the terms and conditions. Before you complain please ensure you confirm if your complaint is valid. Then please ensure your within your guarantee period. As soon as you have done this and ensured your complaint is valid allow us to deal with it.